Big Shot™

The Size You Desire

The Latest & Greatest Penis Enlargement Treatment

Big Shot™ is now available for men seeking penis enlargement that works instantly and lasts.

The Size You Desire

The Latest & Greatest Penis Enlargement Treatment

Big Shot™ is now available for men seeking penis enlargement that works instantly and lasts.

Penis Enlargement Toronto
Penis Enlargement Toronto
Are You a Candidate?

We Offer Natural Penis Enlargement

Big Shot™ is now available to men seeking penis enlargement that works instantly and lasts.

Maybe you’ve decided that caring for your body, mind, and confidence are the powerful life investments you’re ready to prioritize.

Some people find it hard to believe that a penis enlargement procedure can produce size increases right before their eyes, but once you’ve seen it for yourself, you’ll be a Big Shot™ fan too.

Big Shot™ Enhancement in 4 Easy Steps

Get In Touch

Get In Touch

Call or write us to schedule your confidential, in-depth consultation. Together, we’ll make a plan to help you reach your goals.



Your treatment first numbs the area to keep you comfortable, then strategically injects your natural, Big Shot™ formula, right where you want it.

Return to Normal

Return to Normal

Return to your daily activities with no downtime or post-procedure care to worry about. Mild sensitivity or temporary swelling is normal and typically lasts 1-3 days.



Enjoy life living “large” with more body confidence and satisfaction!

Why is Big Shot™ a Game-Changer for Men?

The size and shape of a man’s genitals can be a concern to him for several reasons, and more men than you may realize wish they had a bit more in that department. You might be surprised to learn that increasing what you’re working with below the belt is not only possible, but Big Shot™ – the newest, safest, and most effective penis enlargement treatment yet – is as easy as a quick, in-clinic appointment.

Male enhancement, energy, vitality, and healthy sex lives are central to well-being. Taking the next step to get your physicality in line with how you feel can pay off in BIG ways.

What Is Big Shot™™ Penis Enlargement?

It’s NOT penile growth surgery, and it’s NOT a magic pill.

Big Shot™ is an innovative penis enlargement treatment that gives men the confidence they deserve. The treatment is completely surgery-free and doesn’t require medications or supplements.

Unlike penis growth products on the market that often fail to deliver, Big Shot™ provides instantly satisfying results without discomfort or disappointment. The instant injection formulation is 100% natural and safe, with measurable increases to length and penile girth that last a year or more. This is a proprietary system of tissue augmentation using natural solutions that meticulously and uniformly expand, thicken, and smooth penile tissue from the deepest layers within.

The Big Shot™ Overview

What Does the Big Shot™™ Penis Enlargement Treatment Involve?

The Big Shot™ is non-surgical and pain-free. It involves a specialized, custom formula combining platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and natural, hyaluronic acid dermal filler into strategic zones in the shaft of the penis.

You’ll be welcomed to your private treatment suite, then relax comfortably while topical numbing agents are applied to the treatment area. Your practitioner will discuss each stage of the process with you as you proceed. Treatments are often as fast as 30 minutes to 1 hour from start to finish.

Unlike the use of hyaluronic acid fillers alone, PRP derived from your own blood acts as a powerful stimulator for stem cell growth, new collagen (neocollagenesis), and increased blood circulation. PRP has a proven track record across fields of medicine for kick-starting tissue growth in nerves and blood vessels while increasing the strengthening collagen that your tissue needs to be thick and elastic.

The Big Shot™ Difference

How Can Big Shot™™ Enhance Your Life?

Big Shot™ is making headlines thanks to the instant penis size increases it provides. However, the benefits don’t stop there. Big Shot™ can improve numerous conditions affecting men, including:

A decrease in the effects of Peyronie’s Disease, the condition that causes penile constriction or curvature
Loss of penile sensitivity, which adversely affects the enjoyment of sexual activity
Erectile dysfunction (ED), a common issue with complex and often multifaceted causes
Increased penis size in length and girth
Significantly stronger, firmer erections
Stimulation of the body’s growth factors and collagen production, which provide long-lasting, natural-looking results
Increased blood flow to the penis, which can increase sensation and prolong erections
When administered before in initiating ED medications or other therapies, effects can be amplified
Enhanced confidence, self-esteem, and enjoyment of sexual intercourse

Though our method has been carefully developed and perfected, it’s a surprisingly quick way to make a dramatic change that you’ll appreciate every day.

Penis Enlargement Toronto
Penis Enlargement Toronto
Trust the Experts

Big Shot™™ Is Provided by Qualified, Knowledgeable Medical Professionals

Our knowledgeable plastic surgeons, physicians, and nurses have developed incredible new non-surgical methods for increasing the length and girth of the penis without pumps, without drugs, and without surgery. Our expertise and training for injectors are unparalleled, backed by decades of advanced education and practice in this field.

In the past, scarring, penile tissue damage, and potential medication side effects were the undesirable risks associated with most “growth” solutions.

Big Shot™ is the evolution of penis enlargement in Canada. Clients improve their sexual performance and regain confidence in numerous ways, because how you feel about your endowment as a man affects how you carry yourself and relate to the world and to your romantic partner.

With Big Shot™™, Men Often Report:

  • Up to 50% greater size in one treatment!
  • Less “shrinkage” post-erection
  • Measurably increased girth and penis length
  • Visibly improved contours and flaccid appearance
  • An overall increase in penis size that can last 12 months or longer
  • No downtime to interrupt your busy schedule!

Are you seeking safe treatment for penis enlargement in Canada that actually works? See why Big Shot™ is trending across the country. It’s a convenient and hassle-free option that delivers reliable results.

The Premiere Penis Enlargement Experience

Our personalized services for men’s sexual health concerns prioritize complete confidentiality and discretion. We’ve gained a stellar reputation for our specialization in men’s cosmetic and wellness treatments in Toronto and across the country.

You know that traditionally, “private” issues can be difficult to talk about, so we provide a safe and private environment to discuss them with qualified medical professionals who understand uniquely male concerns.

Our methods go beyond gimmicks and supplements and can range from subtle enhancements to dramatic penis size increases. You can rest assured that your entire experience from consultation to follow-up appointments will be tailored to you and your personal goals, with professionalism and compassion.

How Much Does Big Shot™™ Penis Enlargement Cost?

Fees for treatments can vary depending on your location and the medical practice that you visit. We provide individualized assessment for each patient and a personalized price quote based on their unique needs and goals. Big Shot™ costs may range between $10,000 and $16,000 on average and will depend on the degree of your male enhancement and potential maintenance treatment visits. (Prices are subject to change over time.)

We’re proud to stay at the forefront of male enhancement developments so that we can offer men like you what they want. Big Shot™ has expanded possibilities thanks to its fast treatment, natural formulation, and scar-free approach.

Get BIG Without the Surgery

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Is Big Shot™ the edge you need to revamp your confidence?

The science of male enhancement is advancing. Our clinic celebrates the roughly 40% of our medical aesthetic clients who are male, and this number increases daily. Men are discovering that they can make positive health and appearance changes from bold to satisfyingly subtle and enjoy their lives to the fullest.

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