Big Shot™

Founded by Dr. Cory Torgerson

About Big Shot™™

The latest natural penis enlargement treatment without the need for surgery

Founded by Dr. Cory Torgerson

About Big Shot™™

The latest natural penis enlargement treatment without the need for surgery

Penis Enlargement Clinic
Penis Enlargement Clinic
The Next Step in Penis Enlargement

Big Shot™ is the evolution of male enhancement in Canada

We decided to bring this incredible new method of penis enlargement to the world as a result of treating men’s sexual health issues and cosmetic concerns for many years. As techniques have advanced, we’ve stayed at the forefront of this important field.

Big Shot™ is Meeting the Demand for Natural-Looking Penis Enlargement

Our skilled medical professionals work with a significantly high number of male clients from a variety of backgrounds, and one thing many of them have in common is a desire to enhance their manhood.

Online searches and doctor requests demonstrate an increasing interest in safe, natural ways to grow penis size. However, the choices of treatment have been limited in the past.

Men are tired of unproven claims made by marketers of male supplements, complicated devices, and risks related to surgery. They want a reliable, safe way to enhance their penis size and girth. If you can relate to the frustration of wading through penis enlargement products and claims online, then Big Shot™ is the medically backed, trusted penis enlargement treatment you’ve been waiting for.  

We aim to offer you only satisfying, measurable results and help you save time and money on products that don’t deliver.

Big Shot™ is a truly uncomplicated, non-surgical, and drug-free method of penis enlargement that has produced countless rave reviews and made it the most in-demand male enhancement treatment that we provide.

What’s Different About Big Shot™ Penis Enlargement?

Some have called it the ultimate “growth hack.” Making major changes or subtle increases in penis size can be incredibly rewarding, but you need qualified, knowledgeable guidance from experienced medical professionals who treat men daily.

As our medical team has developed ever more meticulous, results-oriented methods for lasting penis growth, Big Shot™ evolved as the leading, scar-free option for men who are tired of penis pumps, uncomfortable devices, and disappointments.

Cosmetic surgery is not for everyone, and many of our clients prefer a fast, in-office procedure that allows them to watch results appear before their eyes, then immediately return to their regular activities.

More than a filler, vacuum-induced enlargement, or other temporary treatment, Big Shot™ combines proprietary natural ingredients injected with the expertise of experienced practitioners for long-lasting and completely customized results.

Gain Size and Girth

Take Advantage of the Big Shot™

We’re different because of the wealth of knowledge and skill that our team offers patients and the intense passion for innovation that we share in the area of men’s cosmetic enhancement and wellness.

The Big Shot™ injectors are extremely proud to offer a unique system for penis enlargement that is safe and worry-free. Decades of experience and training back our approach and set us apart as leaders in this exciting area of male enhancement.

We also know that seeing is believing, and that’s why we’ve accumulated an impressive penis enlargement before and after gallery to demonstrate why this method is trending across the country.

You know that there are numerous protocols and treatment solutions available to improve a man’s form, strength, body weight, and fitness, but what’s below the belt can be just as integral to a man’s self-esteem.

If you’ve always wanted more size, girth, or improved contours, now is the time to take advantage of the Big Shot™.

Why Choose Big Shot™?

For every treatment we offer, we ensure that you have extensive information, assurance of safety, and follow-up care that will shape your entire experience.

Our conveniently located clinic is designed to welcome you to a comfortable, contemporary space with discreet, flexible booking; personalized, one-on-one care; and an extensive menu of treatment options from head to toe.

Men represent a growing percentage of patients seeking aesthetic improvements. We strive to create spaces where you feel comfortable and confident about the change you’re ready to make.

Get BIG Without the Surgery

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The Trusted Penis Enlargement Clinic

Our surgeons, aesthetic physicians, and highly trained nurses are enthusiastic about the work that we do. When you schedule your consultation for Big Shot™, you can count on compassion, honest feedback, and tailored treatment that matches your personal goals.

For out-of-town guests, we’re located steps away from world-class accommodations and attractions, and we’ll be happy to offer guidance when booking your stay.

You’re invited to meet with our team and discover why Big Shot™ is changing the game for Canadian men and improving lives. Call, write, or visit and ask about Big Shot™.