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How do the P-shot and Big Shot™ compare? Which method of penile injection is right for you?


Toronto men seek penis enlargement for personal improvement or for medical or psychological reasons. You might have seen various treatment names and wondered what they’re all about.

Big Shot™ offers a safe, painless way to enhance penis size and improve sexual performance by regenerating nerves and blood vessels while adding instant volume (more length and girth)!

We’re going to break down a few of the similarities and differences between the most searched penis augmentation treatments.

First, let’s take a closer look at the P-Shot.

P-Shot 101: The Overview

What is the P-Shot?

Short for Priapus Shot, this cosmetic procedure is non-surgical and minimally invasive, like any penile injection procedure. The process uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and claims to improve male sexual health, penile function, and blood flow.

A P-shot may also be promoted for conditions like erectile dysfunction (ED) thanks to its angiogenesis (blood vessel growth). However, the results have not been studied sufficiently yet, and there are other safe and effective ED treatments available.

What is PRP?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a serum created from a patient’s blood. A small blood sample is taken (usually from the arm) and then placed in a centrifuge, which spins it to separate the various components. Platelets are believed to contain stem cells and growth factors that stimulate rapid healing and the healthy generation of new cells.

For decades, PRP has been used in sports medicine, surgical recovery, and more. Its safety is well-established, and it carries no risk of allergic reaction, as it’s 100% natural and autologous (taken from the patient’s own body). In recent years, PRP has been used for more cosmetic treatments and sexual health procedures.

For women, PRP can be injected into the clitoral area, vaginal walls, and vulva to improve blood flow and enhance sensitivity.

Who is a candidate for the P-shot procedure?

Ideal candidates for P-shot want to improve erections, treat sexual dysfunction related to impaired blood flow, or help rapidly heal the area after an invasive procedure.

Does the P-Shot increase penis size?

While this treatment is often marketed as a penis growth solution, PRP alone provides very minimal and temporary volume. It is known to trigger blood vessel development, which can bring more blood to the area. This, in turn, can increase the size and strength of erections. However, flaccid penis length and size do not typically change significantly using PRP alone.

P-Shot Benefits

Platelet injections have a long-standing safety record.  PRP doesn’t interact with medications, use incisions, or leave scars. PRP leaves no visible trace at all!

Patients can build on PRP results and see cumulative improvements to penile form and function over time. Better blood flow and tissue health often mean a more satisfying sex life and boosted confidence!

Would You Like to Make a Really Good Thing Better?

Big Shot™ Delivers Benefits You Can Measure

How Does Big Shot™ Increase Penis Size?

PRP can certainly help improve tissue health, but what about penis length and girth?

Our patients want to enhance their genitals to look better while erect and flaccid, and to increase their confidence in and out of clothes. Few methods have been able to safely increase penis size in the past.

Big Shot™ is a proprietary formulation resulting from the common desire to improve male sexual performance AND achieve substantial size gains without surgery.

Combining the best dermal filler techniques with the potent growth factors of PRP means that Big Shot™ can maximize short-term, immediate penis enhancement and long-term circulation improvement.

  • Increased size
  • Better tissue health
  • Long-term functional improvement
  • Instant confidence boost

Who Is a Big Shot™ Client?

Our patients want to measurably increase their penis size without surgery, without drugs or gimmicks, and without waiting.

They also love the long-term health benefits and improved sex life that come with optimal blood vessel growth and healthy, strong penile tissue.

They want it all!

How Does Big Shot™ Increase Penis Size Better Than P-Shot?

The combination of P-Shot (PRP) along with hyaluronic acid filler can immediately grow penis length and girth by inches while building sustained results and enhanced erections.

The secret to instant penis growth is HA filler.

The dermal fillers we use are Health Canada-approved and have an established safety record. These are temporary gel fillers made from the same water-loving HA molecule that is naturally present all over your body.

HA is formulated to hold a gel consistency where injected and will gradually break down to be reabsorbed over time.

It is not silicone or any other permanent material, and it can be completely dissolved if needed. Because dermal fillers contain strong analgesics, they’re also virtually painless to use.

You might be familiar with lip fillers, which are most popular with female clients. Penile filler is also rapidly gaining popularity, because it doesn’t require patience or the subtle layering of results, but it can allow you to walk out of the clinic with a considerably bigger member than you walked in with.

Results that you can see and watch take shape in real time are priceless for many.

The Big Shot™ Formula

Most men would happily accept improved stamina, penile sensitivity, and stronger and longer-lasting erections along with their increased size.

That’s why our PRGM (platelet-rich gel matrix) filler and platelet serum created uniquely for each client is like an entire makeover for a man’s sex life, all in a syringe. It’s the best of all benefits in one treatment.

*As a bonus, some clinical evidence shows that dermal fillers injected into the glans of the penis can improve sensitivity and erection control and prolong sex. Filler may create a hypersensitivity barrier to extend enjoyment.

How Is Big Shot™ Penis Enlargement Done?

After numbing your skin, we inject the Big Shot™ formula directly into the penile shaft using small needles or a microcannula. The entire injection process often takes less than 15 minutes. For the first few days, you may see minor bruising and experience temporary tenderness in the treatment area. Within 2 weeks, the filler will integrate with the tissue, creating a smooth, natural look and feel.

Size increases of 20% or more can be achieved in one session, and you may collaborate with your practitioner to schedule repeat sessions.

Big Shot™ Recovery

You’ll be happy to know that Big Shot™ doesn’t require time off work or away from the activities you love. Patients are advised to avoid sexual activity for a few days, but most other activities can resume the same day.

Minor bleeding or bruising is rare, but possible. Your practitioner will inform you of risks such as inconsistent results, discomfort, or scarring.

How Long Do Big Shot™ Results Last?

Big Shot™ is a non-surgical penile enhancement that uses only natural ingredients and lasts for 1 to 2 years. Maintenance sessions are recommended every 1 to 2 years, but you may need smaller amounts of product to maintain your size each time.

Benefits of Big Shot™ and the P-Shot

  • Both the P-Shot and Big Shot™ are non-surgical
  • Both are fast and virtually painless
  • Both utilize naturally derived ingredients with a high safety rating
  • Both come with rapid recovery and no need to take time off
  • Both can help increase the strength and duration of erections
  • Both can improve sex life

ONLY Big Shot™ Can

  • Dramatically and instantly increase the size of your penis
  • Add natural-feeling volume to expand penis width and length for 1 to 2 years
  • Improve penile shape and contour irregularities
  • Increase the flaccid length of your penis
  • Enhance sexual satisfaction for BOTH partners
  • Prolong erections by reducing hypersensitivity
  • Improve a man’s body confidence – clothed or in intimate settings
Big Shot™

Big Shot™

Big Shot™ is the evolution of male enhancement in Canada.