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Toronto, ON

Male Body Contouring

The latest and safest male enhancement treatments in Toronto

Toronto, ON

Male Body Contouring

The latest and safest male enhancement treatments in Toronto

Male Body Contouring Toronto
Male Body Contouring Toronto
Non-surgical Body Contouring Treatments

Male body contouring is Toronto’s fast-growing secret

It’s not actually a secret, but we find that men and women underestimate the demand for male body-contouring surgery and other shaping/enhancing procedures.

Whether it’s stubborn love handles (a top concern!), skin tightening, or other areas to improve, the current generation is aware that there are treatments for that, and they want in on it.

One physical size and shape concern that men have that is usually kept on the down-low is penis size. Male enhancements have now become a significant component of male body contouring in Toronto. That’s because the Big Shot™ is changing what penis enlargement looks like and is eliminating many of the previous drawbacks. It’s made BIG, bold self-improvement possible for countless men.

We’re going to explain exactly what this type of male body sculpting involves so that you can decide if now is the time to feel great about your body – top to bottom.

Male Body Contouring: Toronto’s Trend Toward Penile Enhancement

Some men are too shy to ask their doctor for help related to erectile dysfunction (ED) or size concerns. Others are too embarrassed to fill a prescription if they receive one. Even though millions of men from all walks of life say they have considered penile growth treatments, some men still struggle with a sense of being “the only one.”

Male body contouring in Toronto has helped remove the stigma from liposuction, tummy tucks, and more. Some celebrity endorsement has been beneficial, and regular guys are sharing advice and support on social media, at the gym, and among friends. What was once thought of as rare or obscure when it comes to male body sculpting, is now more mainstream.

That means we can finally talk about penis growth!

ED, Peyronie’s Disease (curvature and constriction of penile tissue), and the desired length and girth enhancements that men want can all be addressed through the newest types of male body contouring for the genitals.

Since the Big Shot™ was introduced, the buzz around it has taken off. Men are calling body contouring clinics looking for the amazing, non-surgical penis enlargement solution they’ve heard rave reviews about. Male body contouring before & after results for below-the-belt enhancement are impressive when the Big Shot™’s proprietary formula is used.

If you’re ready to seriously make body changes for the better, and you want to know what’s now possible through drug-free, surgery-free penis enlargement, you’ll want to know all about the Big Shot™.

Male Body Contouring Toronto

The Big Shot™: The Secret to Premium Male Body Contouring in Toronto

If you’ve investigated penis pumps, ED or penis growth pills, or other complicated and uncomfortable devices, you’ve probably been hoping there was an easier, more natural solution. Likewise, penis surgery carries risks that many men aren’t willing to take. The Big Shot™ offers a much more natural way to dramatically grow, contour, and enhance your manhood. Toronto’s male body contouring clients can now add a whole new level of body confidence to their results when they add the Big Shot™ to their abs sculpting, skin tightening, or liposuction. Yes – improving the appearance of your most intimate areas qualifies as body contouring too! After all, if men can get help to improve the proportions of their muscles, smooth away bumps or sagging, and increase the regions that they want pumped up, why not include a body part you value very highly? Feeling good about what you have in this department can affect how you walk and talk, how you approach relationships, the clothing you choose to wear, and more.

The Big Shot™™

  • Fast
  • Safer than surgery
  • Doesn’t require scalpels or scars
  • And comes with NO downtime
  • But it does deliver big, bold results that you can see and feel right away!
Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Big Shot™ Work?

Because men want natural, drug-free treatments more often today, we’re pleased to say that the Big Shot™’s components of growth factors and hyaluronic acid make it a feel-good choice for many.

This penile sculpting treatment harnesses the body’s ability to boost tissue growth, increase tissue thickness, and trigger lasting circulation and collagen production increases.

The formulation includes platelet-rich plasma (PRP) made from cellular growth factors and platelets that revive penile tissue.

PRP treatment is used across medical fields to heal and regenerate tissue, and it’s well researched. The proteins contained in your body’s PRP can assist with repairing damaged, weak tissue areas. The changes can be immediate and often go on developing for a few months.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is naturally water-attracting and formulated to hold a gel shape where injected. This naturally derived filler is used to contour and sculpt penile tissue and to increase size. Instantly!

What you get is volumized penis shape, length, and girth, whether flaccid or erect. The Big Shot™ ingredients will break down and reabsorb to be safely removed from your system over time.

But before they do, they tend to stimulate collagen (the scaffolding material that maintains tissue firmness) so improved elasticity and skin thickness can last long after the treatment wears off.

The Big Shot™ is a fast way to get the targeted body contouring you want, all in about 15 minutes.

What’s it Like to Enhance the Most Sensitive Parts?

It’s normal to ask “Does penis enlargement hurt?” The answer might surprise you.

Not much, and not nearly as much as you’d think. The Big Shot™ is described by clients as a comfortable process that does not hurt more than male body contouring for other areas. That’s because strong topical numbing agents along with analgesic contained within fillers work together to ensure that you don’t feel a thing.

During your treatment, you can expect:

  • Topical numbing agents will be applied to the penis
  • 25 ml of your blood will be drawn
  • You’ll recline on a treatment bed in your private suite while the Big Shot™ is strategically injected to several areas of the shaft
  • You can resume work or other activities immediately
  • You can see results right away!

The results will depend on your age, health, starting point, and genetic factors. Depending on the personal goals that you’ve set, we may schedule more than one treatment for you. After 12 months, you’ll most likely be advised to schedule a maintenance appointment.

4 Benefits of Male Body Contouring in Toronto

Body contouring for men isn’t only about size. Here are 4 of the benefits that make our clients say the Big Shot™ is a must-have:

  1. Stronger erections – Powerful, lasting erections require the free flow of blood to the penis – up to 8X what your member requires when not erect. Thanks to PRP’s generation of new blood vessels and increased circulation, the Big Shot™ directly affects erection power.
  2. Improved performance, and confidence – It’s hard to say which comes first! When you know you look good, and increased penis size can be felt by your partner, it does something for your confidence. Because form and function can be improved with Big Shot™, the positive impact on sexual performance and confidence often go hand-in-hand.
  3. Improved sensation – Nerve compression resulting from penile curvature or scar tissue may diminish sensation. As well, less girth diminishes contact with a partner, which might minimize sensation for both of you. When the Big Shot™ increases length by up to one inch and expands girth, the changes can be felt! Additionally, triggering new collagen formation in your tissues can help maintain that increased size for a long time.
  4. Love how your body looks, in and out of clothes – This benefit can be unexpected. All it takes is a subtle change to influence how you walk into the locker room or intimate situations. And body-conforming clothing like swimsuits that you may have avoided before, you’ll now want to wear confidently.

Will Your Next Body-Contouring Treatment Benefit You in the Bedroom?

If you’re like most Toronto male body contouring patients, you work out, eat well, and take pride in how you maintain your appearance.

Are you also one of the numerous men who have said that if there was a safe, easy way to increase penis size without gimmicks or surgery, they’d do it?

Consider what an integral part of our physical form, and our mental health, our sexual organs represent. There are few body regions that affect relationships, hormonal and emotional health, our self-esteem, and even our daily mood.

It might be time to consider adding male enhancement with the Big Shot™ to your overall body contouring plans. If you’ve never considered a cosmetic enhancement to improve your form before, this might be a strong start. Reach out to our discreet and understanding team. We’ll be happy to book your private, informative consultation.

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