Big Shot™

Toronto, ON

Male Enhancement

The latest and safest male enhancement treatments in Toronto

Toronto, ON

Male Enhancement

The latest and safest male enhancement treatments in Toronto

Male Enhancement Toronto
Male Enhancement Toronto
The Next Step in Penis Enlargement

Big Shot™ is the evolution of male enhancement in Canada

Male enhancement in Toronto is in demand.  And while it’s easy to find tips related to sex and psychology online, searching for male enlargement or enhancement for penis size is more challenging.

This common physical concern has real solutions, and your search is over.

The Big Shot™ has introduced incredible possibilities.

Have you ever wished that you could increase your penis size or improve its appearance, but you thought that male enhancement required drugs and surgery?

You’ll be relieved to hear there is a pill-free, surgery-free way to grow penis size. The Big Shot™ is extremely popular for Toronto male enhancement patients precisely because it is a low-risk, but immediately effective treatment.

Check out the Big Shot™ before and after results and get ready to be inspired! These measurable, dramatic increases in penis length and girth have redefined enhancement for men like you. We’ll tell you exactly how, and we’ll help you decide if it’s what you’ve been looking for.

Male Enhancement Candidates

Certainly, genetics play a role just as with all body characteristics. However, your blood flow, physical and mental health, and tissue quality will also determine how you look below the belt (erect or flaccid) or how your penis functions.

Medical conditions can influence erectile function:

  • Cardiac diseases
  • Prostate enlargement
  • Bladder and colorectal cancers
  • Depression/anxiety
  • Scar tissue
  • Obesity
  • Hormonal imbalances

Are you concerned about ED (erectile dysfunction), Peyronie’s Disease (penile curvature), or how you measure up when not erect? The best way to determine the source of erectile dysfunction or visible issues is to meet with a men’s health expert.

While being a “grower, not a shower” is completely legitimate, the apparent size of genitalia can affect a man’s confidence, self-esteem, and performance.

Men who seek professional advice about penis enlargement often discover that they fall within the parameters of “normal” size. But they also learn about reputable treatments to enhance what they have.

We offer male enhancement in Toronto for men who have both sexual performance concerns and those who would like to improve how their manhood looks.

You’ve probably already figured out that how you feel about yourself can affect your sex life. Thankfully, the Big Shot™ is a multifaceted tool, making big improvements both physically and psychologically to change lives for the better.

Who Is Seeking Male Enhancement in Toronto, and Why?

For men, sexual performance is a critical part of satisfying intercourse and romantic relationships overall.

Factors outside your control might limit confidence or cause you to lose an erection. While ED leads men to seek male enhancement, in Toronto, the desire for penis growth is something that numerous men have in common.

Do men who seek penis enlargement always have small genitalia?

There’s a misconception that people seeking male enlargement treatments have abnormally small genitalia. However, the truth is that average and even above-average-sized men often want to enhance and improve what they have. Sometimes subtle aesthetic details or contour changes like width/girth increase are desired. After all, why not make a good thing better?

Rest assured, no matter where you fall on the spectrum, there are highly personalized improvements that you can make to match your goals.

The Big Shot™ is helpful for small changes, or for significant reshaping and size addition.

Not only do we treat the overall form, but we also treat the function of the penis. That’s why a complex constellation of men’s sexual health concerns can be improved by the Big Shot™. The men who choose this treatment for one reason will often find bonus improvements in other areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Should Not Receive the Big Shot™ in Toronto?

The natural formulation created for Big Shot™ clients combines their own blood platelets and a natural, hyaluronic acid-based dermal filler. Both are tolerated well and pose minimal health risks compared with other products or medications. There are almost no factors preventing someone from choosing the Big Shot™. However, your treatment might need to be delayed or canceled for the following reasons:
  • Anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil or aspirin are used before the treatment. These can lead to excessive bruising or bleeding. Some herbal products promote bruising as well, including ginseng and St. John’s Wort. Your medical practitioner will provide you with a list of medications and supplements to avoid for best results.
  • You have skin conditions such as infection or cancer in the treatment area
We will review your medical history, set realistic expectations, and then plan your Big Shot™ treatment.

What Is the Big Shot™ Male Enhancement?

Male Enhancement in Toronto is no longer about tedious, cumbersome devices, risky surgery, or penis growth pills.

The Big Shot™ achieves male enlargement results with a minimally invasive approach that can be done right in the office, without general anaesthetic.

It’s simple, safe, and fast. But best of all, you’ll be able to see your results instantly!

Few treatments or products deliver on the promise of immediate results. And because many people are seeking natural, drug-free options today, the Big Shot™’s formulation of naturally occurring growth factors and hyaluronic acid (HA), is a choice that men feel good about.

This treatment stimulates penile tissue growth, provides increased tissue volume/thickness, and triggers lasting improvements in circulation and collagen production.

What does the Big Shot™ contain?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is a serum derived from your blood made up of platelets and cellular growth factors that can rejuvenate penile tissue.

PRP therapy has been a respected, well-researched intervention in several medical fields for decades. Most notably, it’s been helping heal sports injuries and rapidly close wounds following surgery since the 1980s.

PRP therapy uses your natural healing mechanisms to supercharge strong tissue growth and improve circulation. Proteins contained in PRP assist with the regeneration of damaged or weak areas.

All these actions translate into thicker, stronger penile tissue and overall improvement in the quality of erections.

HA, which is a naturally derived dermal filler, can be used to directly affect penis shape, size, length, and girth.

This filler is made from a hydrophilic substance that draws and holds moisture. It’s a substance found everywhere in your body, but HA fillers hold a gel shape instead of a liquid. The body gradually breaks down and reabsorbs HA filler over time. But first, it tends to stimulate collagen (elastic, tissue-strengthening material) wherever it’s placed. So long after the filler dissolves, improved collagen structure and tissue strength remain.

The combination of PRP and filler in a proprietary blend has the power to make a penis bigger within about 15 minutes! The changes continue to be revealed after your Big Shot™ appointment as well, integrating into the tissue and boosting performance for months after treatment.

What Happens During a Toronto Male Enhancement Treatment?

You’ll be welcomed into our comfortable, discreet treatment room, where questions can be asked and answered. Your practitioner will apply topical numbing agents to keep you comfortable, and then draw a small amount of blood to use as a component of your Big Shot™ formulation.

You can expect the following steps:

  • Application of topical freezing agents to the penis
  • Roughly 25 ml of blood drawn from your arm
  • Relaxing on a treatment bed while the Big Shot™ formula is injected strategically into several areas of the penile shaft
  • Return to work and other activities right away

Does the Big Shot™ Produce Immediate Results?

It sure does. That’s why it’s increasingly in demand and comes with a very high rate of satisfaction.

You’ll continue to watch your results take shape for weeks following treatment. Results depend on age, general health, and genetic factors. Depending on your individual response and your desired outcomes, you might have more than one treatment scheduled to increase size to the desired level. In most cases, a maintenance appointment is advised after 12 months.

The Big Shot™ Benefits

Is male enhancement in Toronto only about size? There’s so much more that makes this treatment the new go-to.

Here are a few of the Big Shot™ benefits our clients love:

  1. More powerful erections – Strong erections require a rush of blood to the penis: up to 8 times what a flaccid penis requires. Because PRP helps generate new blood vessels and improve circulation, that has a direct effect on erection strength and staying power.


  1. Improved confidence and performance – This one is a little about size (you know you look good!) and a little about how well your equipment works. Because both appearance and function are improved with the Big Shot™, our patients report major confidence spikes.


  1. Increased sensation – Inadequate blood flow or nerve compression due to curvature and scar tissue can diminish penile sensation. Additionally, smaller girth means less contact with a partner, insufficient pressure, or friction. Increasing length by up to one inch and visibly increasing girth often improves how sex feels for a man. In addition, the stimulation of new collagen and increased circulation mean sensation improvements for revitalized penile tissue.


  1. Feeling better in and out of clothing – This benefit can be simple and subtle, yet it’s life-changing when men feel self-assured in the locker room, the pool, in form-fitting clothing, or when intimate with a partner. Even changes that can’t be seen can be noticeable in a man’s confidence.

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