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Why Shouldn’t You Perform Penis Enlargement in Turkey?

Penis enlargement in Turkey

Penis enlargement in Turkey is also called penoplasty or phalloplasty. These are procedures designed to enhance penis size.

Searches for “penis enlargement Turkey” are widespread, so it’s easy to find penis surgery packages in Turkey. There are even travel companies dedicated to luring patients from around the world with low prices and all-in deals.

Severing ligaments, injections, or penile implants can be used to add length and girth to the penis. However, surgery in a foreign country can increase personal risks dramatically.

The Government of Canada warns of financial and health risks related to medical tourism.

Thankfully, Big Shot™, the leading technology for penis enlargement, is now accessible close to home.

The developers of Big Shot™ believe that your long-term satisfaction is worth much more than cheap promos.

Penis Enlargement in Turkey – What is Medical Tourism?

Hopping on an international flight for surgery is now more affordable for many people in North America, and cosmetic surgery has been known to cost substantially less in places like Turkey than it does in Canada.

From breast implants to hair transplants, most procedures abroad go as planned, but some surgical risks are amplified.

Potential concerns relate to:

  • Verifying credentials of the clinic and surgeon
  • Ensuring safe procedures and appropriate devices, implants, and materials
  • Qualified, available post-operative care
  • Medical assessment and monitoring
  • Flying too soon after surgery can increase the risk of blood clots in the legs or the lungs.

A quick search online for penis enlargement in Turkey will reveal that numerous clinics, travel agencies, and marketing companies want to win you over.

The makers of Big Shot™ know that the size of a man’s penis can contribute to feelings of inadequacy or anxiety. We see countless men who feel that “locker room syndrome” or being self-conscious in the bedroom holds them back in life.

You’re in good company if you want to be bigger and better.

Thankfully, Big Shot™ can add real, measurable length and girth to restore your confident edge.

5 Questions You Must Ask When Researching Penis Enlargement in Turkey

Outside Canada, health and safety standards for operating rooms can vary. That’s why advertising terms such as certified, approved, and safe may be unreliable. In Turkey and other nations, licensing for medical staff may also differ.

Before booking a male enhancement procedure, ask yourself:

  1. Are your doctors, nurses, and pharmacists trained and licensed? Is there a regulatory body that they maintain membership with?
  2. Can you verify infection control certification and inspections for operation rooms? Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are a serious problem worldwide.
  3. Will you meet your surgeon face to face before the procedure? You’ll want to ensure that there are no language barriers and that your surgeon and anesthesiologist will not delegate your procedure to someone else once you’re sedated.
  4. It’s crucial to know the material/product that is used for injections or implants in the penis. Unapproved materials can have severe consequences. In Canada, only rigorously tested dermal fillers and surgical implants are authorized for medical purposes, and they can be traced and verified.
  5. What’s the plan for follow-up care? Rare issues like bleeding, infection, or scarring can occur. If something goes wrong and you can’t be assessed, complications could worsen.

The True Cost of Penis Enlargement in Turkey

Another risk that is overlooked when buying a “great deal” is that it can wind up costing far more in the long run.

For instance, delayed incision closure, uneven contours, scars, or fat loss after grafting will lead you to another cosmetic surgeon for repair, but the cost for secondary reconstructive work can be even higher than primary (first-time) procedures.

Provincial health insurance may not cover complications from elective procedures, and most travel insurance policies won’t cover planned procedures either.

Bottom line: If you feel tempted to travel to Turkey for penis enhancement based on the sticker price alone, you might regret that choice later.

Do You Really Want Penile Surgery?

Big Shot™ delivers instant penis growth without surgical risks, scars, or downtime.

Some outdated penis enlargement methods present more cons than pros, but they’re still common outside Canada.

Suspensory ligament release can lengthen the penis. Complications may include delayed healing, bleeding, and scarring.

Dermal fat grafting was once favoured for “natural” penis volume, but the longevity of grafts in this area is poor, and issues with swelling and constriction have presented. In some cases, nodules, abscesses, or fibroids have developed after grafting.

Penuma penile implants and permanent fillers carry a risk of penile deformity, shortening, curvature, masses, non-healing wounds, and loss of sexual function.

The combination of surgical risks with potentially unqualified practitioners means that your penis enlargement in Turkey might be a regrettable experience.

Big Shot™: The Natural Penis Enlargement Solution

There’s nothing wrong with enhancing what you’ve got, but penis enlargement is an important investment.

The all-natural blend of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and hydrating HA (hyaluronic acid) filler in Big Shot™ is fast becoming the preferred choice. Our patients avoid implant rejection and shifting as well as infections related to foreign substances.

They consistently see a 20% or more increase, and their results are long-lasting.

Big Shot™

Big Shot™

Big Shot™ is the evolution of male enhancement in Canada.